Air Conditioning Maintenance

(Residential and Commercial)

Air conditioning maintenance is something that can be used to prevent needing costly repairs down the line.  If there has been a period of time that your unit has sat?  IF so, it is probably a good idea to have an HVAC company come and take a look at your AC unit.  Likewise, if your AC unit is running all the time or is making weird noises.  These are great reasons to give us a call.  We offer air conditioning maintenance to help keep your AC unit running optimally. 

When you first get your AC unit installed take some time to go over the manual and understand how the unit works.  If it was installed by us, we will be happy to go over some of the basic things of the system.  So you can start enjoying your new unit that was selected just for your particular application.   However, if the new unit was not installed by us, or maybe you just acquired the home with the AC unit attached to the home or office.  In this case, it is a good idea to go over the manual to see what the recommended maintenance times are.


Air Conditioning Maintenance Times

Most units will recommend something and it’s completely different from one manufacturer to the other.  These maintenance times are a good starting point.  Now, if you have your AC installed on your home, then you will note that most people do not run their AC fully all day and night.  Many people are not home during the day, so keeping it super cool inside isn’t important to them.  For this reason, also see if you can find what that maintenance plan is for the usage you have.   If you are at home all the time, for example, you will have different usage then when you are not.  If this is too confusing, you can always just ask as well.

All air conditioning units are full of wires and can be very dangerous if handled improperly.  Because of all these wires and power being used by the AC unit, it is important that the units are maintained by only professional HVAC guys such as AAA Mechanical LLC.  We want all of our customers to remain safe.  So, please do not attempt to “fix” or “maintain” yourself.  You will most likely just cause far larger problems and even run the risk of being electrocuted or cut by a fan.


Commercial Air Conditioner Services

Not all AC units are the same, however, we have worked on the various types as well as the various models.  And, we can work on Commercial Air Conditioner maintenance as well as Residential Air conditioner maintenance.  Commercial air conditioners can be super complex, but that’s no match for our team.

We believe in continued education as well.  This means that we are following the latest trends and seeing where the technology is going.  If you have a smart home or are interested in a smart home thermostat set up, we can help.  We have worked with a variety of smart home HVAC systems that are programmed right from your phone or computer.  Cool or heat your home or business just in time for your arrival.  And, turn it on before you get home so that it can have time to prepare.  This can all be done from your phone remotely.  You can also see the temperature inside your home remotely as well.  This works great for those snowbirds of Montgomery County.

Let us get the right unit ready to install on your office building or commercial building.  We will come out and size up the property.  This is important because an air conditioning unit that is too big or too small isn’t going to work.  You need one that is just right for your particular home or office.  This step should always be done by a professional, as there are a few factors to consider as well as brands and types.